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What is Self-Management?

Self-Management is an evidenced-based practice based on behavior analytic principles. It is the preparation and implementation of behavior change procedures that produces desired changes in target behaviors. Self-management includes self-monitoring and self-evaluation. Self-Monitoring is the process of observing and collecting data on your own behavior. The last step is to self-evaluate or monitor and determine how effectively the procedures you implemented changed the target behavior (i.e., decrease or increase contingent on the behavior).

Why Choose to Engage in Self-Management?

  • It can be used to change behaviors that are not observable by others (private events).

  • Generalization and maintenance of target behaviors

  • A small repertoire of self-management skills can control many behaviors

  • Benefits society

  • Point blank it feels good to accomplish your goals!

Want to Learn More?

Coming soon… We will be offering a Self-Management Series where you can learn more about self-management and how to use it to reach your goals and promote a positive change in your everyday life. Participants involved will learn how to create observable and measurable goals, create a data collection system, learn to graph and analyze data, and much more. If you’re are interested, contact us for more information.

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